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Upon her arrival, Lady Ryan connects instantaneously to her audience. Her music rides the crowd’s nostalgia effortlessly weaving old songs with the new. Due to her charm and immeasurable talent, she has easily become a Bay Area favorite, DJing and singing at major LGBT events like SF and Oakland Pride since 2007 and many clubs in both cities. Currently, she holds residence in Oakland’s premiere clubs Parliament and Rock Steady, Jupiter in Berkeley and The Cellar in San Francisco.

Lady Ryan is unique in that she is known for her eclectic taste in tunes and spellbinding voice. From Jazz to House, the flux of distinctive sounds she so graceful sets beside one another make for a brilliant movement within the crowd. Lady Ryan is determined to ignite a fire within the industry and continue to carve her name into its history.

“One of the main reasons that I absolutely LOVE singing and dj’ing is for the incredible exchange of energy that happens on the dance floor and in our hearts. I am an antennae. I tune in to you and you to me. I watch the subtle head nods, i feel the the swell as the music takes people to new heights. When I sing I look at you in the eye, your soul to mine and heal you and heal me. This is my gift that I have to have the courage to share. I do and I will and I GIVE THANKS.”