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2014 EDEN Sponsors


Virgin America is a premier sponsor and is offering to EDEN attendees a special group rate on flights.  When purchasing your ticket online enter the promo code below.
Promo Code:  MCVXEDEN14

Clear Channel Communications is the #1 radio company in the US, with about 860 stations that reach more than 239 million people. Its Premier Radio Networks produces syndicated radio content for more than 5,000 stations.

Wild 94.9  The Bay’s Hit Music Station

Marketplace Sponsors

Good Vibrations is the San Francisco-based retailer trusted for more than three decades to provide a comfortable, safe environment for finding sex-positive products and educational materials to enhance one’s sex life. Good Vibrations offers its products through its retail stores and website:

QWOCMAP creates, exhibits and distributes new films that authentically reflect the lives of queer women of color and address the vital social justice issues that concern multiple communities. We actively bridge seemingly disparate populations to transform and empower our filmmakers, audiences and communities through art, activism and community building.


Bay Area Reporter is San Francisco’s oldest and largest local newspaper of record serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Founded in 1971, B.A.R. is regarded for its original writing covering news and entertainment relevant to our lives. B.A.R. is published every Thursday by Benro Enterprises, Inc. and is distributed in San Francisco and surrounding cities of the Bay Area, as well as 20 other US cities.

GO Magazine is the definitive cultural roadmap for city girls on the GO! and is the nation’s most widely read free lesbian publication, distributed in 25 cities across the United States. GO Magazine strives to bring you the latest on LGBT news, media, travel and nightlife.

GO Magazine offers in-depth arts and entertainment coverage, special events picks, the scoop on community organizations and our recommendations for lesbian/gay-friendly businesses. GO Magazine captures the spirit, energy and excitement of the LGBT community through entertaining reporting on the arts, travel, health, wellness and more. And, our celebrity interviews are famous for spotlighting the leading figures in music, TV, film and the web.

Damron Women’s Traveller

The longest running all-girl travel guide established 25 years ago, Damron Women’s Traveller, is the little sister to the Damron Men’s Travel Guide, the gay boys original definitive guide to travel that turns 50 this year.

The most up-to-date and complete travel guide made by and for lesbians. Over 9,000 listings cover North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and major capitals of Europe, noting women-run businesses, vegetarian menus, wheelchair access, multiracial clientele, and much more. Special sections detail lesbian tours, festivals, conferences, and even camping & RV spots!


European cities now include Paris, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Prague, Dublin, Copenhagen, and Barcelona, Madrid, and Sitges, Spain.

In South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile.


In Asia: Tokyo & Bangkok.

Get the inside scoop on local lesbian hotspots from our unique city overviews, some even written by our readers!

GayCities is the #1 LGBT travel website and App where you can find the best experiences at home and in 225+ cities across the globe.

shades – Celebrating All Women of Color – Magazine ® is a news publication and project that covers and highlights the concerns, issues and stories of ALL women of color, including those who are African American, Hispanic, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American, and the underserved groups within these various ethnic communities around the globe.

Our uniquely diverse online publication and programming that we provide to women promotes intellectual enhancement, spiritual enlightenment and cultural enrichment. is a LGBT website geared towards feminine women in the community.

Girls That Roam is an online travel magazine and community for independent globetrotting women who are either swinging it solo, traveling with their gal pals, boyfriends, or girlfriends, trekking it with their tots, or road warriors closing the deal. Girl roamers seek and explore new adventures learning about the world and pushing boundaries, doing good and giving back, supporting women-owned – and the boy’s that love us – businesses and organizations. All the while having a great time rocking it through the continents, drinking and eating, sporting it up, sharing stories and tips, meeting new girlfriends – queer, straight, black, brown, white from America to Asia and everywhere in between – and having some fun and giggles along the way.

Skies the limit! The goal is for Girl Roamers, members of the Girls That Roam community, to have instant access to informed travel information from articles, travel experts, other members across the globe through our multimedia platform and social network along with events and girlfriend getaways planned just for them.

NEW! We just added travel agent services to Let us help you plan your next adventure or see what women’s adventures and vacations we are offering. Contact us at 408-354-6531 or trips [@] girlsthatroam [.] com.

The Seattle Lesbian (TSL) is a daily online news magazine operating from offices in the Pacific Northwest, and reaching communities spanning continents around the world. TSL has changed the landscape of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life by providing thought-provoking content with substantial relevancy on various angles of discussion and advocacy.

The #1 Online blog for lady lovin’ ladies, run by lady lovin’ ladies!All Things Lesbian provides all the gossip in Entertainment, Queer-Orientated Events and Politics from all over the globe!

The leading LGBTQ newspaper for the Pacific Northwest. Every Letter, Every Color, Everywhere

A monthly print newspaper covering regional events and daily on line with PQ Republic,  our international blogging team, please visit and like PQ Monthly on Facebook.

Sweet Tooth Media, a Media and Entertainment Resource Outlet based in Houston, TX, is dedicated to capturing the extraordinary works of cultural trendsetters and revolutionaries. Since its inception almost two years ago, Sweet Tooth Media has provided a variety of information, support, positive online press, sponsorships and more to an array of local and national artists, businesses, entertainers, organizations and entrepreneurs. At Sweet Tooth Media, we are more than ecstatic to continue to live our mission and achieve our goals by providing the public with trendy, relevant, and buzzworthy entertainment, education and retail information. For more information visit

I have been writing for an LGBT publication for the last 2 years.  Before that I was a dancer, a stylist, a PR manager, a teacher, a girlfriend, a lover, a clothes horse…I have been a lot of things in my time.

I am a wife (my wusband is the best), a writer (soon to be author), slowing becoming a Twitter addict, a lover of delicious food, a card carrying cannabis connoisseur, party goer, party thrower, lover of all things fun and sassy.

Promotional Sponsors

SweetHeat Miami

SweetHeat Miami is one of the biggest all-girl parties hosted in sunny South Beach attracting more than 30,000 queer girls produced by DJ Dimples. Ultimately, SweetHeat Miami is unique in that it is the ONLY continuous party on South Beach catering to African-American and Hispanic women. The atmosphere since its start in 2008 has always been one of celebration, appreciation and acceptance of whom and what these women represent both in their personal lives and as a community. Although Sweet Heat does cater to the LGBT community. The event has come to also host friends, families and supporters of the community. There is only one rule: If you are looking for a weekend filled with fun, Sweet Heat is the place to be!

Biggest European International Festival 


Queendom is Atlanta’s Pride for Women. Four days, eight classy and sexy parties for the ladies during Labor Day Weekend. Bringing a little South Beach to Atlanta, guests enjoy a weekend of fun filled events, including day and evening parties. In addition, we team up with some of the hottest hosts, emcees, performers and DJs from across the globe to create an Atlanta Pride experience like no other since 2012.